With E-statements, you will receive an email notification the day your account statement is available. It’s eco-friendly, safe, secure and more convenient than receiving your statements by mail. An E-statement looks just like your paper statement but it’s online. No more sifting through pages and pages of transactions. Just use online banking to view your monthly statement.

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Log on to Online Banking 

  2. Under the Welcome tab, click All Services & Settings

  3. Under the Preferences box, click View Statements and follow the instructions

  4. Make sure your on file email address is up to date.

Other benefits of E-statements:

  • Be "Green"...save trees by not having your statement printed on paper.
  • Reduce Clutter...your statements won't take up valuable file cabinet space. 
  • Protect your identity...your paper mail is more likely to be compromised than your email. Plus, our E-statements are web secure.