photoSecurLOCK® Communicate

SecurLOCK® Communicate is a security service providing two-way SMS text capabilities for quicker fraud identification and prevention for Resource Bank debit cardholders. It also includes interactive voice and email fraud notifications if no response is received by text or phone calls. This new service will help deliver fraud alerts to our cardholders much more quickly and allow you to respond to fraud alerts in a more efficient manner.

This image shows you some samples of the helpful SMS text messages you might receive from the SecurLOCK® Communicate service. Text messages will display a sender number of 328-74:

SecurLock Text sample

And this image shows you a sample email communication you might receive from the SecurLOCK® Communicate service:

SecureLock Email Sample

Finally, this PDF document contains frequently asked questions by cardholders regarding the SecurLOCK® Communicate service. If you have further questions, however, please contact Customer Support at 985.801.0150