Switch Kit

Use the Resource Bank Switch Kit to take the hassle out of changing financial institutions. We not only make the move easy, we make the move for you. Simply complete the forms and gather your information. We'll take care of the rest.

Here's how switching is simple:

  1. Open account and sign up for Online Banking

  2. Identify companies currently authorized to make automatic deposits and/or deductions from your old account.

  3. Sign form letters to transfer all billing to your new account. You may want to set up monthly bills to come to your Online Account through our Free Bill Pay.

  4. Switch to your new Resource Bank account and stop using your old bank account. Your Resource banker will be sure to keep your old account open until all outstanding transactions have cleared.

  5. Enjoy the features and benefits of being a Resource Bank customer!


Get the Kit

Click here to download the SWITCH KIT

(REMINDER: Always use extreme caution when sending financial and personal information. Resource Bank will never ask you to disclose confidential information via unsecured email.)

Switching can be simple. Your Resource Banker will monitor the switch for a smooth and seamless transfer.

If you have any questions CONTACT US.