When you need to send or receive money quickly, a wire transfer might be the right tool for the job. Wire transfers are fast, reliable, and securely processed through multi-factor authentication. Resource Bank offers both Commercial and Consumer wire request services.

  • What do I need to request a wire transfer?

  • All you need is the receiving bank routing number, physical bank address, account number, beneficiary name, and beneficiary physical address to send a wire transfer.

  • How can I request a wire transfer?

  • You can request a wire through our Online Banking portal, at any of our branch locations (walk-in), by fax, via secure email, or phone call.

    All clients approved for wire transfer requests will need to sign account parameters for authorization, limits and establish multi-factor authentication security such as a digital passcode token or verbal passcode.

  • Is there a fee?

  • Wire fees are as follows:

    • Domestic Outgoing Wires - $20.00 ($10.00 if requested via Online Banking)

    • International Outgoing Wires - $50.00 ($25.00 if requested via Online Banking)

    • There is no charge for Incoming Wires (Domestic or International)

  • Can I wire funds internationally? Can I wire funds in a foreign currency?

  • Yes, you can request international wires in a foreign currency at any of our branch locations (walk-in), fax, email, or phone. Please contact your account officer for online international wire capabilities.

  • When are wire requests processed?

  • Wire requests are processed on normal business days. International wires will be processed the same day if received before 1:00 pm CST, and domestic wires will be processed the same day if received before 3:30 pm CST. Normal business days are Monday-Friday, except for bank holidays.

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