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At Resource bank, we value the communities we are in and we want to ensure that everyone has access to the financial knowledge that they need to make wise financial decisions. This starts in the classroom and should continue throughout life. We have gathered the below resources for all ages to assist in starting and continuing financial education. Below are resources that children, parents, teachers, teens, high school students, and adults will find useful. Please enjoy and contact us to schedule a visit to your classroom or business.

Teach Children to Save – ABA

Teach Children to Save (TCTS), is the American Bankers Association Foundation’s free resource designed to assist in the financial education of students K-8. ABA has provided a variety of lesson plans for multiple age groups and teaching styles. Resources include interactive power points and activities to enhance and instill learning.

We are happy to send a Resource Bank representative to your classroom to give any of ABA’s financial lesson plans or you can use them as a guide for your own lessons. Contact us at to schedule a lesson or for assistance with your lesson.

FDIC Money Smart

Money Smart is a program powered by the FDIC. This program is excellent if you’re looking to for ways to improve your financial health and learn about banking, credit, and personal finance this computer based learning program will be a great fit! With modules for young adults, adults, and older adults everyone can learn on their own time. After completion of the courses you even get a certificate acknowledging your accomplishments. Click here to get started.

FDIC Money Smart for Small Businesses

The FDIC, in partnership with the Small Business Association (SBA), has created resources for small businesses. This program provides an introduction to topics related to starting and managing a business. If you’re a first time business owner or even a seasoned business owner this program can deepen your knowledge on operating your business successfully. Click here to learn more.

LBA - 365 to Rich

365 to Rich Bank Day is a program for high school seniors to spend a day shadowing a banker and learn about bank operations. Typically held in October, the purpose is to introduce banking as a career option and to provide financial literacy resources to the student.

Resource bank will be participating in 2020 – For interested students, pleases contact for more information about registering for the program.

Next Gen Personal Finance Lesson Plans

Teachers, are you looking for lesson plans to incorporate personal finance into your classroom? Next Gen is a nonprofit that focusses on bringing knowledge about finance into all classrooms. They offer a variety of finance topics for free in easy to use lesson plans. Click here to learn more.

Visa Financial Football

This game is perfect for teaching and reinforcing the lesson. Choose from a variety of topics to teach or learn and then play a game of football. The more questions you answer correctly, the more you score on the football field. Choose your favorite lesson and NFL team and you’re ready to go! View the lessons here. The game works best in the app.

The Mint

This website breaks down how banks operate. With fun facts on a variety of topics and a number of quizzes, games, and other fun resources this website makes learning about bank fun and interactive for teens. Click here to learn more.

Plan a Curriculum

April is National Financial Literacy Month but we encourage learning year round.

Click each image for a printable learning tool.

Consumer Resources

Do you have questions about things like mortgages, credit cards, fighting fraud or saving for college? Below are some online sites to help make knowledgeable financial decisions.

Ask a Resource Banker

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Looking for a way to transition finance from the classroom to real life? Resource Bank can help you open a minor savings account or a high school checking account for your student either online or in person. Bring your minor with you to a branch and our knowledgeable staff can make it a true learning experience.

Looking for more? Please email to get information about one of our bankers to joining in on your classroom lesson plan. We can focus on a variety of specific topics for a one time visit or multiple sessions to your classroom.